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Why Investing in a plot in Gurgaon always better than in a high rise apartment?

Why Investing in a plot in Gurgaon always better than in a high rise apartment?

Investing in a residential plot in Gurgaon offers unique advantages compared to a high-rise apartment. Firstly, land typically appreciates in value over time, often outpacing the appreciation of built properties. Gurgaon’s burgeoning development and infrastructure improvements contribute to the rising land values, making it a lucrative investment. Land or land in the form of say SCO plot in Gurgaon also offers more flexibility for construction, allowing owners to customise their property according to their preferences, potentially increasing its value further up.

Moreover, Gurgaon’s land scarcity and increasing population continually drive up prices of plots in Gurgaon, making it a potentially more profitable long-term investment compared to an apartment. Land ownership also brings fewer recurring costs like maintenance fees or association dues typically associated with apartments.

Additionally, owning land in Gurgaon provides the freedom to develop it gradually or wait for the right market conditions to maximise returns. It can serve multiple purposes, from residential to commercial, depending on zoning regulations and market demands.

However, investing in a high-rise apartment offers conveniences like immediate rental income and amenities but might not appreciate in value as significantly as currently available plots for sale in Gurgaon. Yet, the choice ultimately depends on individual preferences, financial goals, and risk appetite. Considering Gurgaon’s rapid urbanisation and land scarcity, investing in a SCO plot or residential plot of land holds promising potential for long-term capital appreciation.

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